Saturday, 2 February 2013

Example Boards

I developed a board with an example of what the painting might be like to show the trustees, putting together the elements we had discussed.
They liked the dove and pomegranate, but preferred the shapes of other jars in my sketchbook. The music was a printed scan of the hymn 'Amazing Grace' as I think the words are very encouraging. When I discussed this example with the trustees, it was decided that I would do a collection of jars rather than one and place the circles more randomly.

Developing my example further, this is the second board.
This was shown to the trustees, who liked it. The only comments were to make the music more in the background and to have less yellow. My own personal feelings are that I want to make the circle outlines all the same colour - I chose different ones here to try and balance the colours, but I will work on doing that with the background instead.

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